Our Mission

The mission of Oromo Christian Church of Ottawa is to fulfill the ‘Great Commission’ as commanded by Jesus Christ. This Church strives to minister to the spiritual needs of the Oromo people through proclaiming the liberating power of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, making discipleship by teaching, training, supporting missions to expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and nurturing the congregation.  The Church shall provide support to enable the fulfillment of the mission and ministry of this Church and opportunity for fellowship in the following ministries:


a. Worship:  This Church, remembering God’s mighty acts in the past, celebrating His abiding presence, and moving toward His promised fulfillment, shall listen to the Word of God from the Holy Scripture.


b. Learning:  This Church shall develop an educational program designed to assist persons to grow in grace and faith, and in the knowledge of the scriptures.


c. Witnessing:  This Church, relying on the Holy Spirit, shall proclaim the Gospel by word and deed and thereby invite all people to repent and believe.  The Church shall recruit, motivate, equip and support its Members to witness to their faith at every opportunity in daily life so that the Lord is glorified, the fellowship is strengthened, the lapsed are restored, and new Oromo Christian Members shall be added to the Church.  It shall provide for the communication of the Gospel through fellowship in the wider Christian community.  It shall assure that all congregational functions witness to the faith of the Church.


d. Service:  This Church shall live by faith active in love.  It shall motivate, equip and support its Members to minister in daily life, to participate as members of a caring community; to serve as Christians in all the institutions and structures of the society of which they are a part; and, individually and corporately, to promote justice and reconciliation, to meet human needs and to alleviate suffering. It shall prepare Gospel based literatures disseminate tracts, audio and videocassettes, magazines and study materials, which help to achieve its objectives. In these efforts, the Church shall cooperate with Union of Evangelical Oromo Churches as well as other Christian Churches and other groups in society.  It shall make certain that all its functions strengthen the motivation and ability for service.


e. Fellowship:  This Church in addition to building spiritual life of the members and also holding to the concept of church as “family”, and believing that the church must minister to the social as well as the spiritual and physical needs of people, shall provide a variety of opportunities for fellowship and recreation.


f. Support:  This Church, in faithfulness to God, shall provide leadership, organizational structures, facilities and funds to enable fulfillment of its functions.  The Church shall strive to maintain effective stewardship practices, evaluate regularly the total life and ministry of the Congregation, and recruit, equip and support Members of the Church to provide for these activities.

Service Schedule

Every Sunday
1:00 pm -  4:00 pm

Our Location

St. Martin's Anglican Church
2120 Prince Charles Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 3L3